“Karen holds a space very well. She is highly responsive to feedback, follows my pace impeccably, and is professional at all times. My only regret is not booking in for more sessions! I strongly recommend her for a great Kahuna.” September 26, 2011, moved interstate
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PLEASE NOTE: Please do not book if you have had your Covid vaccine recently. We will only take appts after 2 months of your injection, due to close proximity; as a precaution for the health and safety of our clinic. As this is an experimental medicine we have no data regarding the course it takes in the body thereafter. Thank you for your patience with our safety measures


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Traditional Hawaiian treatments are on the menu of upmarket spas all over the world, from the Maldives to Port Douglas. Many plush resorts have snapped up these gorgeous treatments for their guests and those who have indulged and felt the blissful touch of the islands, understand the rejuvenation that can be experienced.
Ka Huna massage originates from the Hawaiian Islands and the type that we specialise in is known as a sacred temple style massage....

This beautiful form of bodywork uses a holistic approach to healing which restores balance to the body, mind and soul.

The Massage starts with a pule', prayer and follows with gentle and firmer flowing strokes over the entire body. Sometimes pohaku, hot stones are incorporated and these are placed on energy points or used in the massage strokes. Tiare, a Tahitian flower oil is also wafted around the body during the massage, as well as soothing sounds from the practitioner and specially designed music. A sarong is used for draping.

After warming up the body, the full body massage starts returning muscles to a healthy tone and the chest and abdomen begin to soften and relax. Breathing starts to slow and deepen and allows digestion to increase. As your tense muscles let go, the internal organs begin to receive a better blood supply. Deeper forearm strokes relax constricted muscle fibres and open blood vessels, unfolding yet another level of peace.

The complete relaxation during the massage allows all nerves to soften and a renewed sense of energy emerges. As the massage draws to its completion, hot towels are applied to the body along with a Hawaiian balancing/blessing. By the end of your treatment a mediative state or heightened awareness of the present moment comes into being which allows emotional and spiritual balance.

This holistic massage is useful at any time and as often as needed. It offers excellent results for stress, depression, exhaustion, discomfort and injuries, confusion, grief or loss, ongoing illness, work or relationship issues. Ka Huna massage goes beyond just making the body feel comfortable, it considers the energy flow within. It's goal is to restore the whole - both external and internal to a state of balance.


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