Aloha Karen

*HOW exactly can I describe the gift you hold within. For over 20 years I have included massage as part of my self care and journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. Always seeking out that special therapist I can connect with on a level beyond just bodywork. I think I’ve found the holy grail of massage therapists.
The waves of healing energy in your massage gets me to the core, sensual, sweeping, deep muscle work, breath... I am both in another place and present at the same time. Never have I experienced such incredible movement of energy through my physical body all the way to my soul. I truly feel blessed to have received the pure, loving healing you offer through Kahuna massage. Looking back over the past couple of years, the earlier releases of old stuck stuff coming out in torrents, the change from holding onto pain to learning to trust, feel the emotion, opening up, allowing it to go, my growth in awareness and acceptance, what a journey we travel.
I love your grounded style, your honesty, acceptance, understanding and insight. My soul sings each and every time I come for a massage.

Thank you, love and respect Craig

*YESTERDAY I was lucky enough to have experienced the most amazing massage I have EVER had in my life. My friend and client Karen at Kahuna Bliss in Currumbin Valley performed a spiritually enhancing, vigorous & unbelievably therapeutic massage treatment that seriously blew my mind. It left me in a state of pure bliss.
Every part of my over-stressed & over-worked mother of five body felt totally invigorated & cared for in a way I can't even begin to describe to you.
Karen gives her whole self physically & spiritually to you. She seemed to know exactly what my body was in need of & I trusted in her knowledge & ability, she is a very experienced therapist & really knows how the body & mind are so connected.
This was my first Kahuna massage experience in my life but I know that it is the only kind of massage I'm ever going to need in the future.
Thank-you ,thank-you ,thank-you Karen, I feel fantastic today & can't wait for my next Kahuna Bliss massage.

Kathryn, Gold Coast

*I recently visited Karen after working hard for 4 months, 7 days a week and to say that my body needed massage is a gross understatement. She launched into her work with gusto and found kinks and knots that I didn't know existed. She is totally professional and incredibly competent. The massage was simply fantastic. It made my 9 hour drive the following day feel like a Sunday outing! The only down side is that it could be 12 months before I can head back up to Queensland for another visit.
I recommend anyone to Karen for an awesome massage!

Nigel, NSW

*"KAREN is a great Kahuna therapist and I’ve had the joy of experiencing her massages quite a few times. Every time I come out with realisations in my life, totally relaxed and looking forward to returning. I love the rythmical aspect of the Kahuna massage. You just go with it and I'm gone into another world.
And I love Karen's massage room at the Eco Village: it feels safe, beautiful and relaxing. The perfect place to let go of all your concerns for a while."

Lise Racine, Tallebudgera

"A "GOOD NEWS" story to share! 
After an accident 2 years ago - a total hip replacement op. was necessary.  Healing had been slow due to complications and life had been difficult due to ongoing, severe, leg and hip pain (daily).  Two months ago and feeling I was at the end of my "tether",  I consulted my doctor who recommended a good massage (instead of writing a prescription for pain management medication)!  
Today - I am PAIN FREE!  Only after 3 massages with Karen!   Wow, wow and more Wows!!
The feeling of being well and uplifted, again, is great!  Also the feeling of being purposeful and productive while I do the garden and household chores with such ease, and, enjoying much needed good nights sleep has been most rewarding!
With Karen's obvious passion and excellent ability in massage I also found and an added benefit!
During the massages Karen passed on hints and exercises which assisted me to care for my body (in between visits), and which also added to my speedy recovery.   Karen's valuable, interesting and educational info - from her amazing 'wealth of knowledge' and research over the years - is definitely aiding me with my "wellness" campaign!
I sincerely hope that this 'good news' story will inspire others to check out the 'magic' that Karen spins during her amazing massage and also receive (if necessary) valuable knowledge to keep our bodies remaining supple as well as improving the quality of our lives - as we age!"

Fay, Gold Coast

*KAREN I can't stop smiling! I haven't felt so happy and content in a long while. Thank you sooo much. What you do is fabulously wonderful. By the way the hot stones felt perfect. Best wishes.

Hetty - on holiday from Switzerland

*IN todays world there doesn’t seem to be too many “my time” moments to make a meaningful difference, one exception is my monthly visit to Karen. My treatment is calming, invigorating, quality consistent, in perfect surroundings and the music is specifically to my taste. I feel ok to relax.

Malcolm, a regular client

We feel amazing!, thank you for a great massage, it was perfect with just the right amount of pressure. The sauna we each had rounded out our wonderful experience. We found the FIR sauna was a more enjoyable heat than other saunas we've used and it was soo relaxing which is what we wanted for our ladies pamper session. Loved the outdoor lounge area with the magnificent view too; we'll be back.

Sonia and Erica, Worongary.

I had a massage with my normal guy. He said my usual issues were all gone, but he's found some more in my shoulders and hamstrings for you. Thank you Ilana, I'd like to book in again please.

Dylan, Gold Coast

I couldn't end the day without saying thank you again Ilana. I already knew you were a great woman but this massage was next level. If only I were closer I'd be back weekly.

Brian, Brisbane

A really great experience. I'm a professional athlete and use my body a lot so I've tried a fair few massages in my time. I felt comfortable and relaxed the whole time and it was an all round great experience. Would use again. Thanks legends

Matt, traveller

I could not recommend Kahuna Bliss highly enough. So the best experience of a Kahuna Massage I could describe it as would be;-  like a remedial massage mixed with oriental meridian mixed with thai but a much more gentle version working on joint mobility. I always walk out feeling I'm on a cloud. Thanks heaps

Chris, Gold Coast

As an ex military soldier with plenty of injuries I highly recommend Ilana and the work she does. The treatment has reduced my lumbar spasms, tension around the hip flexors and muscle soreness. She shows sincere interest in her clients and provides continuous coaching from her past experiences and knowledge she has accomplished.

Mathew, Elanora

The massage was excellent, the practitioner was both professional and friendly. Highly recommend.

Anthony, Bundall

I recently went for a massage at KaHuna Bliss and it was hands down the best massage of my life. It was more than just a massage, I was taken on an energetic journey that was out of this world. Everyone deserves to have this experience at least once in their life...

Skye, Gold Coast - Dec 2020