Benefits of Massage

  • To be nurtured and lets your skin glow from being touched
    Benefits of Massage
  • Allows balance and harmony
  • Clears stress from the muscles
  • Gives a feeling of wholeness
  • Releases joint aches and pains
  • Works on the lymphatic system to release toxins, excess fluid build up and lactic acids
  • Works on the circulatory system, moving the pooling fluid in the extremities, helping cold hands and feet.
  • Soothes the nervous system which allows the brain to release tension
  • It dilates blood vessels, thus improving circulation and helping to prevent strokes.
  • Restores vitality and heightens metabolism.
  • Improves flexibility in joints with stretches
  • Improves body symmetry
  • It can disperse calcium deposits.
  • Brings oxygen rich blood to the whole body
  • Instills a calming sense of peace and relaxation
  • Helps release negative emotions; fear, anger, grief and guilt as well as negative beliefs, self criticism, and traumatic memories.