Hello my name is Karen and my passion is Ka Huna, a ‘Temple Style’ massage. What I love about this unique Hawaiian art form is that through it’s flowing and deeply relaxing style, it leaves a person feeling very nurtured and re-energised. This exquisite, holistic massage is an opportunity for the receiver to let go into the body, creating a sacred pathway to healing.

Many years ago I attended a Health & Lifestyle Expo where I saw Ka Huna being performed by one of Australia’s leading teachers, Mette Sorensen; later to be mine as well. I was intrigued, but only quickly glanced at the stand as I moved on, but that one glance really did capture something. I think I was immediately inspired by the movements and energy I saw.

After some years I realised my true path and had the opportunity to start training extensively in this sacred bodywork at Mette’s Institute. This included:- soft and deep tissue, pregnancy massage, body awareness, healing and release therapy, Polynesian floor work, healing systems, Heartworks lomi lomi, Hawaiian hot stones and completed all advanced levels in Ka Huna bodywork.

Since then, I have spent many years working at a health retreat in Currumbin Valley, massaging a large range of people from all walks of life. Guests at the resort were amazed at the results that came from detoxing, exercise and their Ka Huna treatment. Some left totally transformed and some started on a new path of self discovery. Others said it was just a really great massage and some felt a new direction emerging from within. Their healing came from a place of wanting: to change and/or manifest something new in their lives.

Now I work solely from my own clinic in Currumbin Valley, it's in a special location and all my clients come to feel the touch of Aloha.

Karen and her teacher at the Mette

With my teacher/mentor, Mette - my Kumu

Other courses completed and professional development:

  • Therapeutic massage plus Deep tissue and Common Injury level one - All Regions Massage School
  • Pohaku Hot Stones Massage Course - Touch of Aloha
  • Swedish Massage Cert 4 - Academy of Safe Therapies
  • Beauty Therapy Diploma , Esthetic - Partial Completion, Academy of Safe Therapies
  • Balinese Facial Treatments - Esthetic course, Sekar Jagat Spa, Bali 2014
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher - 2015
  • KaHuna Levels 1-7

Testimonial from a client: (See more by clicking on the green icon on the home page!)

Aloha Karen

How exactly can I describe the gift you hold within. For over 20 years I have included massage as part of my self care and journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. Always seeking out that special therapist I can connect with on a level beyond just bodywork. I think I’ve found the holy grail of massage therapists.
The waves of healing energy in your massage gets me to the core, sensual, sweeping, deep muscle work, breath... I am both in another place and present at the same time. Never have I experienced such incredible movement of energy through my physical body all the way to my soul. I truly feel blessed to have received the pure, loving healing you offer through Kahuna massage. Looking back over the past couple of years, the earlier releases of old stuck stuff coming out in torrents, the change from holding onto pain to learning to trust, feel the emotion, opening up, allowing it to go, my growth in awareness and acceptance, what a journey we travel.
I love your grounded style, your honesty, acceptance, understanding and insight. My soul sings each and every time I come for a massage.
Thank you, love and respect Craig