Massage Services

Ka Huna Massage - Sacred Temple style

The massage is an individual expression of your needs, and may include: lomi lomi, therapeutic for stressed or injured areas, clearing adhesions, dynamic and/or slow stretches for joints and muscles, soft or deep tissue work, hot stones, kahi loa energy healing - a hawaiian form of reiki incorporating the elements of wind, fire, earth, water and nature as well as vibrational healing and much more.

Afterwards you may feel very energised or quite slow and inwardly focused. This is unique to you and depends on what has been happening for you in your life's journey.

The room is heated during winter or cooler days for optimum comfort.

1 hr 15 mins

1.5 hrs

2 hrs

Kahuna Massage & Therapeutic Swedish Massage Gold Coast

Polynesian Floorwork Massage

A fully clothed bodywork that uses stretching to increase range of motion, compressions, pressure points and allows deep relaxation. This treatment is performed on a mat on the floor using the therapists feet, hands, thumbs, arms and forearms. A very traditional polynesian treatment and beneficial for all joints and muscles. Please wear loose, baggy pants.

1 hr

Pregnancy Massage, Ka Huna Style

Pregnancy Massage is beneficial for baby and mum. It helps with increased blood circulation, releases painful areas due to pressure, cramps, or heaviness. The table is specially made for pregnancy and has an inbuilt door that opens under the table for face down lying, which is comfortable even in the late stages of pregnancy.

1 hr to 1.5 hrs!

Couples Massages

2 Tables in one room - 1.15 hr - 1.5 hr

Experience your treatment with your partner, sharing and saving time. Monday to Friday only

The ROYAL Kahuna

Two therapists giving a deluxe signature massage to one lucky person. Named after the Hawaiian Royalty who had these royal treatments regularly. It is rythmic and in symmetry. An experience not to be missed! Bringing about a physical alignment and in so doing bringing about mental and spiritual alignment, a unity. Try the Royal Kahuna; maximum luxury in a healing setting. 

1.15 hr


A Bliss out package of the best 4:- yoga, meditation sauna and massage. Allow 4 hours

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 1.5 hr private class. Stretches, breathwork, rythmn, chanting, relaxation and peace!

Far Infra Red Sauna 60 minutes, overlooking our natural pond

Ka Huna massage 75 miin

All accessories supplied. Just bring togs and your yoga clothes

4 hrs


ULTIMATE Spa Package

Experience an ultimate 90 min KaHuna massage, followed by a special guided meditation for the heart, opening awareness of the 

breath while being surrounded in nature. Slowing the mind down and feeling into a heart  expansion. Inducing a feeling of 

calmness within.  Then relax in a rejuvenating outdoor clawfoot bath, infused with magnesium salts, essential oils and floating

flowers. (depending on flower availability)  Luxuriate in a rainwater bath, no chlorine smell, just fresh clear water to relax and totally unwind.

We then serve your choice of fresh seasonal organic smoothie topped with coconut, cacao, nutmeg and cinnamon,  a perfect ending to your heavenly experience. This rejuvenation package will allow you to float home.

2.5 hrs


Face Massage

30 minutes of luxury! Just massage for the face, neck and head. Incorporating hot rocks and hot towels and essential oils.

Perfect for a real de stressing treat.


Massage & Outdoor Bath Experience

A luxurious 75 min massage and rejuvenating outdoor clawfoot bath, infused with magnesium salts, sea minerals, essential oils and floating flowers, (depending on flower availability). Soak the stress away in a rainwater bath, with no chlorine, just fresh clear water to unwind totally. Let the bath draw out any negativity from the entire body. and relax to medatitive music or other of your choice to help your bubble of bliss. Then relax as you sip on a cup of calming herbal tea. A perfect ending to your heavenly KaHuna Massage.

Kundalini Yoga, private sessions:

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It develops a healthy relationship with your inner spirit. It helps your health, relationships, focus, glandular and nervous systems. It is a very powerful form of yoga therapy and you will see results from your very first session.

The session will be tailored to your  special needs. No previous yoga experience is required. Private instruction offers a unique opportunity to dive deeply and have a take home session designed especially for you.

For people who want to focus on a particular area of development.

People who would like to let go of an old pattern.

People who can't get to a regular class and prefer a one on one session or there isn't a class available.

People who want to practice in their home environment.

People looking to release negativity and empower themselves and their spiritual health.

People who would like to let go of their daily stress and be happier.

Sessions last aprox 1.20 hrs aprox. This  Includes:- A Chant, pranayma - (breathwork), a specially selected Kriya (set of specific exercises) and a powerful meditation. A take home version of the package is available. The session can fit in with your daily schedule and be as quick and to the point as you need it to be. Or come and have a private class with me, you will experience a wonderful shift in your energy.

See cost under Prices menu.

Or check out my fb page "Kundalini yoga - Be the lighthouse" for the next dates on my 6 and 8 week workshops.


Far Infrared Sauna - By itself or add on to your treatment.

Far Infrared Sauna Gold Coast

Far Infrared Sauna sessions use heat to deeply detoxify the body.  Medical practitioners use this FIR heat to treat, sprains, strains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis and muscle pain.  FIR promotes good health through better blood circulation, burns calories, relaxes the nervous system, reduces toxic load and heavy metals, parasites, rebuilds injured tissue, strengthens the immune system among many other health benefits. See more information on the sauna at the bottom of this page.

Having a sauna before or after a massage helps prepare the body; it is very relaxing and can produce very psychological and physiological benefits. There is a  usb output if you'd like to bring your own music or relax in peace and take in the tranquil environment; as the sauna overlooks a pond to help soothe the soul.

The sauna takes 25 minutes to heat up and can seat 4 persons. Sessions are  dependant on the person and you can work up to more as the body adjusts.  Please bring one towel for the shower (fresh rainwater) between sessions; other towels supplied for your use.

It is similar to a normal sauna. Normally 2 x 20 minute sessions, in a row are enough and you need to work up to having a 3rd session after some time.  More regular sessions help detoxify the body of the daily toxins and yeast, mould and fungus living on the skin and in the deeper layers.  Showering in between sessions washes away the sweat and toxins so the body can eliminate more fully each time. It is recommended to exfoliate before coming for a sauna so the skin is more open to fully obtain the best benefits.

Add this on to your treatment for a total body tune up...

sessions $30 P/P  This is what most people start with. Takes around 45 mins

longer sessions $40 P/P (advanced)  1 hour

Or contact me for a price on group sessions or outside hours appointments.

Not for pregnancy,  children, cardiovascular problems, alcohol, pacemaker, defibulator, sunburn or open wounds. Those who have heart disease or are on medications or have diabetes need to consult their dr or health care professional before using.

Testimonial: We feel amazing!, thank you for a great massage, it was perfect with just the right amount of pressure. The sauna we each had rounded out our wonderful experience. We found the FIR sauna was a more enjoyable heat than other saunas we've used and it was soo relaxing which is what we wanted for our ladies pamper session. Loved the outdoor lounge area with the magnificent view too; we'll be back.

Sonia and Erica, Worongary.


Hot Stone Massage

A blend of massage and hot stones tailored to your needs. Hot stones help to melt tensions and bring the mind to a blissful state. Very beneficial for overworked muscles, fatigue and chronic fatigue. The stones I work with are from the Hawaiian Islands, chosen specifically for different parts of the body and blessed by a native Hawaiian. The basalt stones are rich in olivine and feldspa. Both of these minerals are natural conductors of heat. Deeply relaxing.

75 mins

Not for these conditions: pregnancy, epilipsy, diabetes or heavy medication.

Chakra Balancing - Not available atm.

Waiting Room

A balancing of chakras in a healing setting outdoors and facilitated by the therapist.
Talk to me about this self help session. Not available atm.

Mobile Massage

Currently Not Available.

If you’re here on the Coast for holidays looking for a massage for yourself and partner or would like a home massage,  book in, for couples who want a massage each but don’t want to travel.

Local areas only. eg. Burleigh, Palm Beach, Currumbin, Tugun, Elanora, Tallebudgera and surrounding areas.

1.5 hr or 2 hr
Minimum 2 people


Girls Pampering Time

For the ladies who are enjoying some time out with friends. I can come to your place or special location for beautiful massages to top off your time out experience. A massage to pamper is always a lovely addition to these get-togethers.

For groups over 2 persons


Eco Stays - currently not aailable

We now offer massage and overnight stays. Come and stay or buy a friend a night away!. Click here for for full details. Currently not available.


Massage Oils Used:

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs what we put on it. I like to use a natural blend of sunflower, almond and olive oils all free from genetic modification. In summer I also add extra virgin coconut oil. All these oils are rich in nutrients which help the skin enormously. See the benefits of each below:

Coconut: Moisturising, delays wrinkles and sagging, treats skin problems including psoriases, dermatitis and eczema. Also great for the scalp.
Sunflower: A light non-greasy oil, easily absorbed, rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic acid.
Almond: Deeply moistures, lightens dark circles, relieves dry and itchy skin, cures chapped lips and body rashes, slows aging.
Olive: Promotes a radiant complexion, maintains elasticity, softens cuticles, adds shine to hair.


Far Infrared Sauna Information:

FIR saunas are the safest and most efficient way of reducing and eliminating the toxic load in the body. Sweat produced from a FIR sauna is found to be 80-85% water and 15-20% toxins.  Toxins in the body can become built up over a life time, causing all types of mild to serious dysfunctions in the body. These toxins contain metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, pesticide residues, petroleum based toxins, chloride and fluoride as well as fat. You'd be surprised what we pick up on a daily basis with the chemicals thrown at us in buildings, food, water, air and off gassing. The sauna heat causes these to be released from cells and the wastes are moved to the lymphatic system and are extracted through sweat.

FIR saunas use a form of radiant energy that gently heats objects directly without heating the surrounding air, unlike traditional saunas, yet allowing you to sweat 3 times as much and at a lower temperature. So the air in a FIR sauna doesn't become too hot and sweating starts before the person feels uncomfortable. Exercise can mobilize the toxins, but saunas are the ones that carry them out. During a session, the skin sheds old skin cells leaving it glowing and immaculately clean with improved tone, elasticity, texture and colour.

Water is always moving, we are 70% water and when exposed to 8-10 microns with Far Infra Red, the water molecules in the body start to vibrate.  This vibration happens when light waves penetrate the cells.  It reduces the bonds of atoms that hold the molecules of water and in turn releases toxins through the oscillation. This allows removal through perspiration and so cellular health improves. It also helps your heart to beat faster and in turn burns calories. Heat increases the heart rate, cardiac rate and metabolic rate which assists in faster calorie burning. 30 minutes in a FIR sauna equates to a 10-12 km run and burns 600 - 800 calories and its so much easier. Heat treatments are not a luxury, they're a pathway to health and longevity.

About the light spectrum: The sun produces it's energy output in the infrared part of the light spectrum.  Our atmosphere allows in these energy rays at 7-14 micron range to reach the earth.  When warmed the earth radiates infrared rays in this band.  Within a sauna, this natural heat is produced in the carbon fibre panels lined throughout the walls. You receive the benefit of sunlight without the harmful UV rays.

Dr Sandra Cabot, the well known lady doctor who wrote the "Liver Cleanse Diet", "The Ultimate Detox" along with many other famous books writes of nature's most powerful force for clearing toxic overload - with The Detox Box. She recommends the detox FIR sauna for Sweat Therapy; "It is comfortable and particularly well treated by sufferers of illness including end of stage heart disease".

So come along and clear out some of the toxic overload soon!


Massage Gift Vouchers available - more info....